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Rebooster	Powder

Rebooster Powder


Healthy rejuvenator and an energy booster for all age groups.

  • Rebooster Herbal Protein Powder is effective for those with frail built like thin legs, hollow cheeks, excessively slim waists.Rebooster Herbal Protein Powder increase s the functional efficiency of the liver, increase enzyme efficiency & serum albumin. Thus arouses appetite and built up the body strong. A good health restorative, rebilitate the system. It improves health, strengthens the organs & nourishes the whole body. It is used in general and nervine debility, brain fatigue, impotence and premature old age. Restores male & female vitality and energy. Indications: Increases stamina and confidence Enhances immunity Improves vigor and vitality Increase inner strength to fight against diseases Corrects muscular weakness Compensate mineral deficiency

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