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We, at Dharmani, we're dedicated to bringing the most effective Ayurvedic treatments into your daily routines. We are firm followers of ancient Ayurvedic texts that revolve around holistic healing through nature’s most treasured gifts - plants.

According to our Ayurvedic study, every one of you is unique, with certain Prakritis and doshas. As a result, each herb treats and soothes your particular health issues in a distinct way. We consistently include these time-tested ideas into the composition of our products as well as the educational articles.

To provide you with goods and materials of the utmost quality and authenticity, our committed team of professionals delves deeply into the very basis and heart of Ayurveda. This means that before appearing on your screens, each content on our website has undergone a medical fact check.

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Sumit Singh

Operations Associate


Anjali Gupta

Design Head

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Tushar Tigga

Design Associate

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