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Ancient India

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The history of India goes all the way back to 2500 BC when Harappan Civilization was developed. In 1700 BC, when Aryans came, they brought new types of animals and technologies with them.

Aryans came from Russia and got dissolved with Indus Valley’s indigenous tribes. A new culture and tradition were developed by these two combined. The Hindu religion was also founded by the ancient Indians, where they made Karma and reincarnation the main purpose of this religion. Karma is what the person does in all his life and this determines what actions will be taken after his/her death, whereas reincarnation translates to the concept of the rebirth of the soul in another body once a person is dead. Your Karma will decide your next birth. There are two more dynasties that affected ancient India a lot, Maurya and Gupta dynasties which were in reign during 324-185 BC. Maurya dynasty was known for consolidated governance whereas the Guptas were known for sculptures and carvings. India has a deep and vibrant cultural history. But the teachings of Ayurveda have stood with the test of time. Indians have continued to use the herbs and spices as directed in Ayurveda for multiple purposes. The same influence can be seen on the brand Dharmani. Their catalogue has a variety of products that can erase all your anxieties and issues

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