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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

This genre of treatment majorly focuses on removing the root cause of the sickness permanently rather than giving you temporary relief.

Due to its salutary nature, Ayurvedic medication has been gradually recognized and adapted by the whole world. It is a 5000-year-old culture of natural healing that can be traced back to Vedic India. Ayurveda had recently gained traction for myriad reasons. It is to be firmly believed that there are absolutely no side effects of Ayurvedic medicine if taken as per the prescription of an expert. Although there are certain herbs and spices that are well known for their medicinal effects and can be used without any recommendation. Plants, roots, stems, leaves, seeds, flowers, bark, resin, all can be used in the making of one medicine. Each and every part of a plant has its own importance and carries medicinal values which only ayurvedic experts can make use of. The gospels of Ayurveda are the foundation of the Dharmani brand. This is the sixth generation that is practicing Ayurveda to fulfill their destiny of serving society. They have done in-depth research and developed exceptional ayurvedic recipes for different kinds of ailments. The final result of their years of efforts has been an incomparable brand that is widely trusted by consumers

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